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Hey there!

My name is Andrew. I'm a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology studying Electrical Engineering. I have passions for learning, computer science, and music. I have won several awards for self-taught programming skills and have created a mobile application that was awarded second place internationally. I am always highly motivated, dedicated, and self-driven to ensure success in all situations.

I have loved creating things since I was a young kid. I started learning how to program when I was 11 years old. Ever since, I have used technology to create my dreams and make the world a better place.

This website will talk more about who I am, my experience, skills, goals, and more.

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ECE Discovery Project


Buzz Nav is my ECE Discovery Project that focuses on improving navigation around the Georgia Tech campus using highly detailed maps.

Node JS Vue Leaflet Tailwind
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Personal Mail Server


I created a SMTP server to handle all of my email needs.

Node JS Tailwind Vue SMTP
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I pride myself on my ability to learn new skills quickly and effectively. I have experience with a wide variety of technologies and languages, and I am always looking to learn more.

I have great communication skills and am able to work well with other people. Preparing well-made presentations, writing clear documentation, and explaining complex concepts to others are all things I am very comfortable with.


JavaScript HTML CSS Java Rust Swift


Node JS Vue React Native Swift UI Fastify Express


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