The New Website

How I created my new website.

October 12, 2021

Web development is something that I have always enjoyed. So, it would make sense that I would want to give myself a quality website. After years of going back and fourth, I believe that I have finally created a design I can be proud of.

This new website was created using several tools. The first is Astro.js. Astro is a powerful static site generator. While I am sadly not making use of it’s most powerful feature, something called partial hydration, I am making use of it’s amazing template language. Think JSX but without all the React mess.

The second tool I am using is Bulma. Bulma is a CSS framework that is super easy to use and super pretty. I have been using Bulma for years so it just seemed like the right path to take. With these two tools combined, and some smaller packages to help me along, I created what you see before you.

Astro can take the markdown files that I create and render them into pages. It can also take multiple pages, combine the metadata, and create a search page to view the pages. This saves me a lot of time and was easy to get set up. No longer will I have to manually created a page to show what posts I have made - it does everything for me.

For hosting I chose Netlify. The main reason I chose Netlify was easy of use. All I have to do is give it a Github repository and it does the rest. Don’t get me wrong though, the proce tag was also a part of my decision (it’s free).

While I wish I could go into more detail, I’m just going to leave it here. Needless to say, if you are looking to create a website give Astro and Bulma a try. Astro is great for generating websites and Bulma is amazing at making them look good. In the future I may make this website open source (if I do I’ll link the repo).

Thanks for reading,

  • Andrew